Who is Lyra?

September 21st, 2017 10:12 pm
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Characters: Winn & Kitty
Setting: Drift Fleet AU in National City
When: Months after Winn leaves the fleet and Kitty finds a way to National City.

[It took almost a year of work before she caught a break and then another and another until she was actually transporting herself to National City. By the time it happened there was no Kara or Mon-El in the fleet anymore. No one new from their world had shown up. She was collaborating with a wide group of scientists and magic users and a reality bender or two. They had everything they needed back in the fleet to expand the experiment into sending everyone wherever they wanted to go. She couldn't get Kurt to come through immediately because Wrath was determined to stay until all her crew was safe first and Kitty wanted to be an early test subject. If anyone should take the risk it was her, right? But they promised to follow through when they could. There was nothing waiting for either of them in their worlds. Nothing good.

She hoped National City would be good for them. She was sure it would be good for her because it's where Winn was. At least that's what the multiverse boosted telepath told her. He could have mentioned Winn had no memories from the fleet, but then Kitty didn't ask. She just wanted to be with him again. She knew that was a possibility and she was happy to ignore it as she charged into his city.

She looked and looked, but finding public phones with phone books is hard in Winn's world. Go figure, right? She actually got laughed at a couple of times when she asked until someone agreed to look his information up for her on their phone. It was just in time too. She was pretty close to just snatching one for the same purpose. With just his home address to go on, she headed over. When no one answered the knock she decided to let herself in. It's not really breaking and entering if you can walk through solid matter after all.

At first she just paces, glancing at the door frequently in hopes that he made his way to it as silently as a ninja and she missed it, but so far no ninja Winn. Eventually, she made herself more comfortable by really exploring his place and taking it all in. They'd talked about it when they were curled up together—the place they would share. She smiled as she looked over his movie collection and various figurines. Every part of the place feels like Winn and as anxious as she is to have him back in her arms she's also comforted by the way it feels like she's wrapped in him just by being there.]

Family [names] Matters

September 15th, 2017 11:52 pm
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Hey, internet. Anyone there? I want opinions!

My sister is having another baby, and the name they decided on is driving me CRAZY.

Context here. )

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September 13th, 2017 10:08 am
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[ When Sascha wakes on the softness of a bed rather than the cold, hard ground it takes him a moment to realize where he is. He thinks maybe he perhaps fell asleep in a bale of hay, or fell into a mossy patch of the forest. What he doesn't expect is to suddenly find himself on a ship and immediately have to cover his eyes as the sharpness of the ambient lighting nearly blinds him.

He groans miserably and rolls over, one hand clapped over his face as he gropes his way over to the wall and tries to find the environmental controls (because he remembers what those are again and how they work)...and fails miserably, hitting the door button instead and sending himself tumbling out into the hallway. ]


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