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Goals & Actions (who needs the new year?)

I've been making changes!

In the last year I have managed to consistently achieve:
— Eating healthier (90+ pounds lost to date!)
— Getting to work on time regularly (Late only twice without a pre-established reason like an appointment and both were because morning errands ran over unexpectedly.)
— Paying bills on time (I always had the money. I just put it off sometimes for a month *cough* But that is in the past!)
— Improve household chores (I've been doing laundry weekly and dishes never sit more than 2 days. This still needs improvement, but it's something!)

And now I think I'm ready to make some other changes so here are a few things I want to work on and some steps I'm going to try taking to meet these goals.

1. Be more efficient at work
— No plurk at work unless I am done with EVERYTHING.
— No gmail/gchat at work until lunch.
— Complete that day's timesheet before I leave for the day.
— Update work to do list daily.
— Clean out inbox daily.

I am...2 months behind in timesheets I think. I am bad at them when we are slow because I don't know what to write and bad at them when we are busy because I have no time to fill them out. And on the in between days if I have a backlog of them I feel like I shouldn't even start if I don't have time to get them done and I need to BREAK that feeling!

2. Increase physical activity
— Continue doing core exercises as prescribed by chiropractor.
— Get up at least once a (waking) hour and walk around even at work.
— 30 minutes of treadmill/week to start.

For 5 weeks I walked at least a mile within 30 minutes 4 times a week. Aaaaand then the basement flooding distracted me and it all stopped. I want to start small and see if I can get consistency before I push so much again.

3. Improve tag return time
— Make an effort to end threads at a reasonable point instead of going on endlessly without purpose.
— Complete tags in batches of three, seeing each of these sets as an achievement.
— Dedicate half an hour each day to serious tagging. Time self and get a final count. Race against my personal best each time.

I've been saying this forever. I dropped a character recently in order to help a little, but I need some concrete steps. I hope these help. I'm also open to suggestion as I look for what works for me.

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