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House Updates

Another post. Another list. Another thing that is really not interesting for anyone else probably! I bought/moved into a house back in October 2011. Since then I've made a lot of improvements. Mostly cosmetic-ish. I kind of wanted to have a listing of some of those in case it becomes important for me to remember because my memory sucks. I did a lot of furniture/accent buying too, but none of that is intrinsic to the house/land.

• Replace kitchen floor to update.
• Replace upstairs bathroom floor to update.
• Fix or replace hallway/livingroom/dining room floor because there is minor damage.
• Paint interior trim white or replace because it has paint splatters on it.
• Remove work table in garage so I can stop hitting it.
• Repair driveway so there is no scraping of the car.
• Red exterior door! Because I see your red door and I want to paint it black!
• Additional exterior lighting especially so you can see the number on my house after dark.
• Exterior of house painted to something less lame, but not until it needs to be painted.
• Shutters painted a different color to give the house more definition.
• Have outlet put into downstairs bathroom because how does it not?
• Replace fridge and stove to be more modern, but probably not until they have problems.

October 2011
• Bought house.

• Painting: All upstairs walls and ceiling were painted, holes repaired and wallpaper removed where applicable. There were a few borders. Kitchen cabinets also painted. Downstairs bathroom and one wall were painted. By Nick Musso Construction.

• Upstairs shower tile torn out and replaced with surround to stop leakage. By Nick Musso Construction.

• All outlets updated where they were two pronged or in an area that required safety shut offs. All light switch covers and outlets replaced to be uniform. (Beige) By Nick Musso Construction.

• Moved in with Nick Musso Construction's movers.

November 2011
• Furnace knocking problem fixed by Uncle Larry.

• Wellman Lawn Care Services began mowing/leaf pickup/tree trimming/snow removal/gutter cleaning.

• Had all locks rekeyed and oiled by A-1 Lock.

December 2011
• Dad drilled out the space for the locking bar to go into so that my entrance door would work properly.

March 2012
• Downstairs toilet interior replaced by my uncle Dave to fix flushing problem.

• Downstairs overhead lighting replaced to easier models by uncle Dave.

• Bathroom recessed lighting fixture fixed by uncle Dave.

April 2012
• I took down the blinds in the living room and replaced them with curtains.

• Upstairs shower spout fixed by Nick Musso Construction. It needed a spacer.

• Terminix came to spray for bugs. Purchased year long protection. They will be back quarterly or as often as I call if there are problems.

• Dryer vent cleaned out by Evans Restoration to improve dryer efficiency/safety.

• Chandelier replaced by Jack of All Trades.

July 2012 (Maybe August?)
• Air conditioner was no longer running effectively. Uncle Larry came and washed out the unit, ran the heat so ice would melt out of the air conditioner, and then worked on opening up all my vents so they worked better.

October 2012
• Refinanced the house for 2.5% for 15 years through Town & Country with Pat Quigley again. $400 out of pocket. Everything else is rolled into the mortgage. There was an appraisal.

• Quote for fixing the driveway. The good way is $5000, the down and dirty way is $3000. Quoted with a place in Pawnee that Steve used. Very responsive, but passing because of the cost and the changes on my car making the scrapping happen less often.

May 2013
• Gutters cleaned by Musso's crew. It stopped flooding on one side of basement, but not the other. Cancelled plans to paint over the blocks with waterproofing paint and adjust concrete on the outside.

• Agreed to quote with Greentree Waterproofing for $5,425 for adding a trench system around all but fireplace wall in basement and sump pump with batter backup. Work should happen in August 2013.