hauntedreality: (Bearbee - Cuddles)
hauntedreality ([personal profile] hauntedreality) wrote2007-08-04 04:23 pm
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Icon Policy

Have you noticed one of my icons and you want it for your very own?

You can comment here to ask about it. More than likely I'll be flattered you asked and say yes. Occasionally, I may have to tell you it was created just for me or uses art from a friend who you'll need additional permission from. And then I always appreciate credit. ^_^

Like my style or resources for icons and want one special ordered?

This is also a possibility. Just explain what you want in the comments to whatever degree of specificity you have in mind. I reserve the right to be slow or to refuse or to bombard you with more than you wanted.

Sorry, flist. I've been messing with my profile and I thought it might be useful to have a profile to direct comments toward. Feel free to request an icon for the inconvenience. ^_^

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